Internet Casino - where is the deception?

The most tempting offer on the Internet is to earn at a casino without investing your own money. It is offered to transfer a certain amount of money to your casino account and provide you with a free method to win at the casino. You have only a few minutes to play in the casino with other people's money, win by a no-lose methodology and transfer part of them to the benefactor who funded you, and leave the rest for yourself. In the case of losing the amount transferred to you, you are not required to reimburse it. All the risk is assumed by the same benefactor. And you only enjoy the game and, without risking anything, make a profit. But, agreeing to this tempting offer, you get into the net of the cheater and inevitably lose your money.

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There is no 100% scheme of winning!

The network is often found 100% winning scheme from the casino. Its essence is that you put all the time on the same color, losing every time uysimaya bet, eventually, you will win sooner or later, and just earn your dollar. Starts betting 1-2-4-8-16 = winning is always only $1. But few people know, that there is also sector Zero on roulette, there are 2, so the chance is no longer 50/50. Use your brain - the casino itself will not cheat, but those who recommend such schemes, then counts only on affiliate interest, with your loss.

Mechanism of fraud

Sophisticated cheater realizes that the number of those wishing to play with their money on the proposed them a win-win methodology in their discovered fake casino is quickly declining, most Internet users have figured out this deception and are led to it rarely. To replace the outdated methodology came a new one: the offer to play with other people's money, which is more tempting, but the mechanism of deception becomes more complicated.

From an outdated system borrowed only the opening of a fake casino and offer a methodology how to beat him. The scammer opens a website and offers remote work, accessible to everyone (from teenagers to retirees) requiring only a computer and an Internet connection. The easiest and noblest kind of earnings is to use a technique that helps a member of society in need of extra money to make the casino share its fabulous profits with him. You don't have to worry about funding your casino account. A person who wants to restore social justice will do it for you.

Contacting this nobleman is easy, the site has his contact information. Here on the site you can also read in plain text about the methodology of winning from the casino. If you still have doubts, you check the contacts - they work. Check the methodology in the recommended casino, you can do it to try with zero bet, the technique works. Doubts are dispelled. You register at the recommended casinos, which, as your benefactor assures you, have not yet neutralized the proposed methodology of winning in it. Other people's money is deposited into your accounts at these casinos. In reality, these casinos are fake, the money remains in the possession of the cheater.

Payback for gullibility

You start playing with other people's money, you win, the amount in your account rapidly increases, but does not reach the minimum to withdraw. You are warned that the casino needs to play no more than 1 week, then move to another, otherwise the method of winning will cease to work, and you will lose all the earned money. In order to remove the earned amount before moving to another casino, you replenish the account to the minimum withdrawal amount with your own money. It is this contribution of their own money is based on the calculation of the cheater. They disappear without a trace along with other people's money and your winnings, as the owner of this fake casino is your benefactor. The owner of the real casino must use such a program, which adds up to losing players. The owner of the fake casino doesn't have to do that, he just needs to build up a person's trust and create conditions that force the player to deposit money into an account that he thinks is his, but actually belongs to the cheater. Payback for gullibility - the inevitable loss of their own funds.


Real casinos are equipped with a program that generally brings them fabulous profits, but some players may win at them, running the risk of becoming a gambler and eventually losing. In fake casinos created by scammers, only their creators win, everyone else is left to lose.